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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

Mine was leaving my boy intact...everyone had something to say about it. I made sure to educate them and tell them just how horrible and barbaric it really is...made several of them feel guilty and change their way of thinking...and now I only hang out with crunchy people and none of my friends circumcise and we don't care if we're different, we like being different especially if protecting our child is involved.

ETA: My hubby thinks we got more comments on extended nursing and DS nursed until 26 months and everytime someone saw me they asked if he was still nursing...they never said anythng negative but made jokes about how he was going to nurse until he was in school, he'd never stop, and always wanted to know that was right up there with not circ'ing.

I must say most of the CD comments are positive, the non vax'ing comments, and babywearing are positive. ERF- people are confused.
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