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IDSO SK8 4VR. Iso GMs and more

Hi all,
I just edited the entire post/list on 08/01/2011 Thanks for looking

Books I'm interested in baby books, Breast Feeding books, and gluten free cookbooks

here is a list of some of the goodmama's I'm looking for NIP (DH has a Huge problem with me buying used diapers ). The bold are the IDDSO
I have Paypaland understand for the HTF will be expensive
as far as fitteds go:

Drop Drawers
Jolly Roger
Yo! Ho! Ho!
Los Muertos
Cord Progression
Dog Friendly
Emo Camo
Fresh Ink
Fret Action
Fuzzy Ninja Ooga
Hot Dog
Monkey Business
Jungle jaunt
I gnome right
boyish NB goodnights
Rain forest
gregarious waders
The eye
Travel Baby
Here Fishy Fishy
Yellow Iron
(in general we really like darker gothic/rock'n'roll prints and we skulls Try me with an offer, I however am not a big fan of the solid OBV diapers, or the color brown)

ISO Mad Sky (Barn Organics) Fabric in the skulls and crossbones with blue stars. & rainbow Noir/Darkside fabric Would prefer yardage but LMK what you have and I'll probably buy it.

IHA NIP Girly GMs. I just had a boy mid June and we didn't find out sex ahead of time so I have lots of girly diapers I hoarded that I'd be willing to trade. Just PM with what you're looking for.

I also have a Baby hawk Mei Tai that's reversible with pockets ( b&w skulls on one side and sugar skulls on the other with pockets) I bought it on here but never used it. I'm not really confident in my ability to tie so I prefer my SSCs
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