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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

My mom was really worried about us not vaxxing... She is great though and has never made me feel like an idiot for my parenting decisions. She just said she was worried but she trusts my parenting and if I don't want them to have vaccines then there must be a good reason for it.

The only thing that has ever gotten negative comments is not circ'ing. But for each negative comment I got one positive, so it balanced out lol. And it's mostly from friends although my brother did have some not-so-nice things to say.

ETA - just read the last few pages.... I guess I'm just lucky. I live in a small town and I figured people would be weirded out by my decisions but I know a few people who do a lot of what I do. At a birthday party for my friends daughter someone asked if we started DS on baby food yet and I said no and she said "we didn't start DS on solids until 6 months" and she breastfed until 8 months but had to stop because of medication her doc prescribed. I thought that was great (btw, none of my friends breastfed. they never even attempted it.) And my high school child care teacher BF until her son was 3.5, she doesn't vax or circ.
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