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Thumbs up Eamon's 'Unassisted' Birth story (Finally.)

Eamon was born Saturday July 31st @ 10:44 AM
Eamon's Birth story.

i should preface this by saying that i did see a dr twice, and had an u/s @34 weeks. I also had a midwife i consulted with throughout the pregnancy, and one of my good friends is an amazing (possibly the most amazing) doula/lc/childbirth educator. I had wonderful support and assistance throughout this pregnancy and postpartum. i also had all of you, and esp homebirthmom. thanks!

This is the story of my Unassisted home birth, in a tent, while in Maine with friends.
Starting on Tuesday the 27th, my friend came for a visit. We wanted to have the baby while she was there, and i had been contracting and dilating for a few days, so it seemed likely. She was leaving Friday evening and so we were excited and looking forward to the process. Tuesday afternoon, my contractions had stopped and I was stalled at 3.5 cm and only partly effaced.
Over the following couple of days I started taking evening primrose oil, took a hike into the woods, took all the laundry to the laundry mat, ate spicy food and started taking some cohosh. Nothing happened. There were a couple times when I had one good contraction, or a few weak ones in a row... but I was still only 3.5 and soft. We ran out of days together and she left Friday. We were all disappointed and I was *so* done with the constant on-and-off-again labor.
After my friend left, DH and I decided to go out and run errands. We would be an hour from home (our little tent on 104 acres in the north of Maine) and we had a lot to get done. I figured just the inconvenience of it would send me into labor. By evening, at our last stop, my contractions were about 20 min apart and regular.
We went back to the tent and I told DH to go to bed with our DS. I figured it would be a while and we should all get some sleep. Once they were asleep the contractions got stronger and stayed about 20 min apart, which was too much for me to sleep through. I wrapped myself in an extra blanket, put a chux pad on my rocking chair, and sat rocking and humming through the pains. Aside from changing position once in a while, or getting up to go out and pee, that is pretty much where I stayed until morning
I watched the morning dawn through the tent walls and heard our friends start moving around outside. I didn't have a clock since my phone was not working, but i guessed it was around 8... their normal time to get up and going. I waited a while still, through a few more contractions. I realized they were getting much closer together and decided to wake Luke. He took a few minutes to get oriented and get going, then waited with me through another contraction. He went to get breakfast for himself, and came back with hot water to wash up with and words of support from our friends.
We sat together, in opposite chairs, and waited. DS woke and DH put a movie on for him. We laid out all the homebirth supplies we had ordered on a clean towel, and laid a towel on the floor. We set aside a towel to wrap our new LO in. Then we waited some more. By then it was about 9:30 in the morning and the chickens had been released from the coop and there were sounds of boards being nailed to the new woodshed. I could hear my friend and her daughter playing nearby. DH and I talked a little and he rubbed my back when the contractions got intense enough to get me up and moving. I moaned low moans and got myself through them.
All of a sudden the pains shifted, they got more intense, were only a couple minutes apart... something felt wrong. This was the first (and only) time I thought going unassisted might have been a mistake. I thought about getting in the car (which was ready to go) and going to the hospital (10 min away). The pain was a ripping, tearing pain that had not happened with my first. after two pains like that I went within and thought about all I knew about birth. I considered all the births I have attended. I checked my cervix. The bag of waters was protruding like a water balloon. I was 10cm and the baby's head was right there. There was no prolapsed chord. I sat back and waited through another horrendous pain. I told luke I thought I needed to break my water. I told him that it hurt, a lot, and felt wrong. After some discussion and one more incredible pain, we laid a plastic collection bag on the floor and I broke my water with a sterile straw. The relief was immediate and I knew it had been the right thing to do. With less pain, I felt my body push and felt the baby move down the birth canal, finally. Two pushes and he was crowning. It was startling how fast it was going now, and I asked DH if he was ready.

"For what?" he said.

"To catch!" I responded, and another contraction came. My body started pushing and I reached down to stretch my perineum around the baby's head. I was on my hands and knees on the floor by now.

"Oh! There's a head." Luke said, sounding rather surprised.

"Good." I laughed. "Which way is he facing?"

"Uh... the ground." He answered.

"Good, don't touch him! It's ok." I paused, remarkably clear-headed. "Oh, grab the towel."

Another contraction came, my body started pushing again, and it was over. The baby cried. My friends called out "10:44" and we yelled our thanks to them for checking the time. I got up and sat in the chair, and Held our new little boy. We all started to breathe easier. My friend came in and wrapped us in a blanket while Luke washed his hands and I cleaned Eamon. We chatted while we waited for the chord to stop pulsing. Once it had stopped (about half an hour later) we clamped it and cut it, and I waited for a few minutes more then attempted to push out the placenta. Within 15 min of that I was in the shower while DH and DS checked out the baby. I came back and started nursing, and things have been pretty well since.

Thanks for reading!

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