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Re: DH got mad at me because...

Originally Posted by Zan
Oh my would I have been upset if my DH said that to me...I mean steaming Is your DH receptive to you telling him when he says something that hurt your feelings? If so, I'd say something like, I know that it takes more effort on your part right now, but I need to you to understand that I'm not trying to put that on you and need some more compassion that it's harder for me right now.

I'm 38w3d and I feel like a whale, it's hard to move around and get up on my own, tired all the time, etc and any comments can just shoot me through the roof- gotta love the hormones, huh?

However, Last week I had to reassure DH that it's okay to have sex- he was scared that the baby would come right away and isn't feeling ready. We did it this morning but I didn't tell him I secretly desired to get the baby moving along. The best part is that he was so love-y and wanted to make sure we'd have snuggle time so went into work late. I love it when he's like that...makes me want to do it more- even if I feel like a distressed cow right now!

My DH is usually pretty receptive to my feelings, but once in a while he will make some man comment, and just not be able to understand why it upset me. I guess it's a guy thing right?

Like back when we first started dating, we were out at a nice restaraunt and he said "don't you need to go brush your hair?" He just couldn't understand why saying that to a woman was a really dumb idea, until after I explained it to him a few times .

I'm sure I'm not the only one with a DH that is like this though... it seems they all have their little moments of incredible ingorance/selfishness/being a guy.

The whole sex thing was definatly one of those moments. And I feel kind of bad because I know that he has been feeling really down for the last few days, having a hard time at work, alergies, arguing with my MIL and is scared and worried about being a new dad. So when he couldn't even be satisfied during sex, it kind of set him off. He said he was feeling really "unwanted" at the time

I'm hoping that once the baby comes everything will be okay for him. It probably will right?
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