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Re: Birthing things

Hep lock....a needle they put in a big vein in your arm and tape it down. leaves a vein open for emergencies, but not hooked all the time to a bag of fluid. you can walk, etc. i had one briefly for dd's birth b/c i was so dehydrated at the birth center. they ran a bag of fluid and then took it out.

tears...I tore a little at dd's birth, and they stitched it, even though I wasnt really wanting any stitches. we had a 90 min drive they thought it would be better to stitch it. It was AWFUL!! some of the stitches got embedded, and didnt dissolve. it hurt for almost two yrs.

i gave birth 21 months after her birth to my ds, and i tore a little in the same spot, but he was one of those freakish fast births where we wound up staying home and delivering him ourselves.

If someone is knowledgable, and puts really warm compresses on your perineum, massages you with olive oil, and helps you ease the baby out by blowing and not pushing like a mad woman, you should be fine.

Healing naturally/tearing naturally are far preferable to episiotomy.
Did youknow that episiotomy is the only surgical procedure done with SCISSORS instead of a scalpel. ?????? Scissors crush and maim skin...scalpels make clean incisions.

Tell them you'll sue them if they cut you...simple as that! Have someone be responsible for providing warm cloths on your bottom, and blow blow blwo. and don't lay on your back , either. that' is THE worst position to have a baby in, except for being strung up from your feet.
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