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Re: 1 hour Glucose Tolerance Test came back high..

Boo me too!!
My level was 172!!
But...I was blind sided by the test (I was only 9 weeks) but I had lets see....cereal, granola bar, coffee and orange juice 40 mins before my appt. But the puzzeling thing is right before I drank the sugar water, she pricked my finger and did a quick reading and said "you'll pass don't worry"


Well, I flunked my 1hr with my first but passed the 3hr.
I'm not worried. I figure for whatever reason, I was tested early, I wouldn't have known if I went anywhere else for another 16-20 weeks. I'm going to wait to retest at 26 weeks when I can sit hungry for 3+ hrs...right now it just won't happen.
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