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Re: How high is your uterus? Can you feel it?

Originally Posted by Free Thinker View Post
Mine was just like that when I was PG w/ my twins. I could feel my uterus at 8 weeks out of my pelvis, and by 12 weeks it was right under my belly button. The nurse found a HB right under my belly button! I would absolutely have an US to check b/c I do not think it's 'right where it's supposed to be" but some midwives don't worry about it until after the 20 week mark.
oh my... Although I love babies, and am happy with any I am blessed to have, I truly do not want two at once. We're still adjusting to the thought of this unplanned pregnancy, so to think of TWO babies instead of one.... I just can't phathom that.

I have had a nagging pit-of-my-stomach feeling since the beginning that there might be two in there, but it just doesn't seem possible. The only history of twins in our families is pretty distant. DH's mom's cousin had twins. And my gma's (on my dad's side) sister had twins. Seems unlikely that we'd have them.

I'm going with the whole "my uterus is so big cause it's my 3rd baby" for now and I guess I'll find out at the anatomy scan in 2 mos. Twins is just too much to think about. ... denial anyone?

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