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Originally Posted by Kimmomy2dom
I tore REALLY badly, and sometimes wish I would have put that I wanted an episiotomy instead. I seriously think it would have done far less damage. If some of my problems continue from my tearing I'll have to have surgery, but that's not important now. I did have a friend who tore really badly with her first (apparently not to the point of how bad mine was, though) and she just had her second baby maybe 3 or 4 months ago. She said she had a little tiny tear this time, and it wasn't bad at all. So I guess it doesn't always tear again, although I have the same fear because of all the scar tissue that was left behind last time.
I have mixed feelings on the episiotomy/tear thing. I'm glad that I have a whole lot more faith in the MW I'm using this time than the OB I used last time. I've talked about it with my MW and I trust her judgement. I think there are times when a cut is appropriate, I just think it's overused (like all the other interventions that have their place...just not for EVERY delivery!) We talked about the massage, compresses, controlled pushing, alternate positions, etc. to minimize the chances of tearing. We also discussed the fact that I would prefer a minor tear than being cut for a lot of reasons. If it comes down to it and it looks like it will be a bad tear or something, I trust her judgement if she feels that a cut would be better...I just don't want that to be the first option. I think she understands and will do what's in my best interest. I don't have nearly the same confidence in the OB I used last time!
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