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Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!

I have had 2 dd's that were failure to thrive. Both were tiny. ( one still is) we must remember that all babies grow at different rates. My yongest dd was an inch below the growth chart fora bout 7 months. and now at 2 years is only like 5% for height.
But she stayed on target for development, she didnt eat muc, but she didnt cry like she was hungry either. she didnt gain wt, but most of the time at her check ups she grew in length.
I have been on this FTT journey for over 4 years between the 2 kids. It is so scary. My older ftt baby was hopsptialised 4 times in teh first year. Scary times. but now she is 4 and bigger than my 5 yo.

trust your gut. if you relly feel it is a major issue, then seek it out. but if you feel she is just emant to be smaller, then go with that. moms instinct is more powerful than many think.

I also have a 5 yo on prevacid for GERD. We got her wt gain issues under control when she was about 6 months old. The reflux becomes a bit less when they start sitting up, then lessens again when they start walking. ( the whole gravity thing)

hang in there mama.
I am sure my story did no good, but i was trying ot say i have been there.. and now we are on the other side.
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