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Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!

I always thought hte rule of thumb was double the weight in 6 months triple by a year...

At least that is what i was taught and if that is true, then she is on target

I really dont like GI docs. i had one that had my so convinced my daughter was going ot die if i didnt do a 5 thousand dollar surgery. I talked to my ped ( who i adore) and she told me to go with my gut. at 6 months my yountest was about 10 lbs. and she was 6.5 at birth. she is 2 and is perfectly fine

I belive there has to be smaller kids, and there has to be bigger kids in order to have an average. I myself was bigger kid and my borthers were smaller. but no one tought there was anything wrong with them,

hang in there mama, i know this is SOOO tough, but by her weight she is doing great, especially for having severe reflux!!
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