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Re: Extended breastfeeding and the benefits

Love this!!! I am still nursing my 15 month old and still going strong. We call it "nummy milks" and she gets sooo excited when it's naptime. She always nurses to go to sleep (among other times of course), and she just flaps her hands and gets so animated. Then she grabs my breast like a bottle and squeezes it. I guess she's priming the pump! LOL!!! I haven't gotten a whole lot of flack for it yet. My family knows how I feel about nursing as this is my third one. My sister teases me for it though. And my grandma still doesn't get how I can nurse a child with teeth! LOL. My DH is fine with it, but I've heard him make comments on how his ex wife nursed til 5 and that is wayyy to long. Well, I've said a few times that 3ish would be my goal and he hasn't really said much. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Her pediatrician is great about it and at WIC I've mentioned that we don't need the whole milk cuz she is bfing. They think it's great, so I think I get plenty of support.
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