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Re: Birthing things

My first labour was pretty messed up. I consented to an epidural which lasted for about three to four hours before flittering out. I politely told the nurse several times that something was wrong -- that I was in a lot of pain, and that I could feel the stubble on my legs itching, even. She just sort of looked at me like, Yeah, Sure, Whatever, and would up the dose. However, this did nothing. The pain got worse and worse. Finally, after I'm in complete misery I tell her once more, she looks at me funny, and then looks at the machine and bumps it or rattles it or whatever, and it blinks and beeps LEAK LEAK LEAK. She looks disturbed and tries to examine the catheter. There was a kink that the machine wasn't registering and it's TOO CLOSE to birth to administer another epidural. With about three hours to go I'm completely umprepaired and distraught. Contractions get really, really painful and at some point I ask her for something for the pain. She tells me it's too late. I shoot her an accusing look. She comes back at some point and and tells me she has something for the pain and shoots it into my IV and then tells me IT'S NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO HELP WITH THE PAIN, IT'S JUST GOING TO MAKE YOU LESS LUCID. I'm absolutely let down and enraged, but in too much pain to give her a piece of my mind, so politely just sort of stare at her. Whatever she gave me made me absolutely loopy, the patterned wall paper was swirling and making all sorts of images, it was like a really bad acid trip from my teenage years. I would pass out inbetween contractions only to pop awake again and grimace when one came. It took like five minutes to communicate a single direction to my husband. The risidual effects of the epidural coupled with the narcotic made it impossible to gage how the baby had progressed in the birth canal and when it was time to push. Eventually, I remembered that I was giving birth and eventually would have to push and maybe it was a good time? I had them call the doctor and in six minutes and three pushes she was born. When they put her on my chest she looked up at me helplessly with her eyes open, and then her eyes fell shut. She was drugged too. I'm still so upset.
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