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Re: Survey UP! Testing is CLOSED: an expressive new twist on a classic fleece soaker

First Impressions

1) What was your opinion of the way your EmotiBums was packaged and presented? To be honest I do not even remember what the package looked like.

2) I used both new and up-cycled polymailers. How did that affect your first impression?
Did not affect it at all.

3) Before washing and using your EmotiBums for the first time, did anything catch your attention? Please explain.
Just how cute it was

4) If anyone else has seen your child wearing the EmotiBums soaker, what was their reaction the first time they saw it?
My husband really likes it also


1) What was your opinion of the EmotiBums construction?
Constructed very well.

2) Please describe how the material/construction failed, met, or exceeded your expectations for the following areas: fabric, thread, sewing, applique.
I have had no issues with the soaker so far. It has been washed and used many times so far and holding up perfectly.

3) How do you feel about the placement of the applique expression?
Perfect placing

4) Do you have a preference for zigzag or straight stitch on the applique?


1) What was your assessment of the labels and the location of the labels? Label was placed fine.

2) Would you expect a label on the outside of the soaker as well as inside? No I like them on the inside only

3) How does the label seem to be holding up?
Just fine

4) What did you think of the handwritten date of manufacture, lot #, and size? I was worried it was going to smudge when washed but it has held up so far.

5) How does the handwriting appear to be holding up? Fine

Fit and Function

1) What is your opinion of the way the EmotiBums fits your baby or toddler?
It fits her very well. I have rise issues with some of my soakers but this one is great.

2) Do you feel the EmotiBums soaker provides an acceptable wetness barrier? I have used it over a fitted and prefolds and had no leaks yet.

3) What type of diaper does your baby or toddler typically wear in conjunction with an EmotiBums? Usually a prefold but I have also used fitteds.

4) If you are familiar with the typical fit of a Katrina soaker: I made a few modifications to the Katrina pattern. Do you feel these changes will have a significant impact on whether or not your child will be able to wear the EmotiBums soaker for a reasonable amount of time before outgrowing it?
I have not used the katrina soaker but I do like this soaker has a higher rise.

5) Does your EmotiBums have adequate stretch?

6) Would you find it valuable for the available anti-pill fleeces to be ranked for stretchiness (they are, unfortunately, not all the same)?


1) How many times has your EmotiBums been washed/worn?
9 times
2) If you hang your EmotiBums to dry (which I recommend on the label), do you find that it dries in a reasonable amount of time?
I usually do laundry before I go to bed and it is always dry by morning. I have also machine dryed it.

3) I hope everyone is happy with their EmotiBums tester. If not, what changes do you suggest?
I am happy with it.

4) What do you think would be a fair price for an EmotiBums soaker?
I would say $8-$12 depending on size.

5) Should the price vary in accordance with size? yes

6) Would you like the price to be separate from the shipping cost, would you like it to be combined, or would you like to receive "free shipping" if you make a specified minimum purchase? Free shipping is always a good incentive.

7) PLEASE share any other comments, questions, thoughts, etc that you have
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