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Re: Baby name help - Biblical names

I knew a girl growing up whose name was Maranatha ("Our Lord has come" or "come, O Lord") -- very pretty, I always thought.

"Jesse" (masc.) means "gift," maybe Jessica? Kind of common, I know.

I like Esther (star), Eve ("to breathe" or "to live"), Ruth (friend), Magdelene, Martha (also a family name)

Here's some less common Biblical names from (one of my personal fave name websites!) :

Adah: Means "adornment" in Hebrew
Elisheba: form of Elizabeth
Jedidah: Means "beloved" in Hebrew
Jemima: Means "dove" in Hebrew
Joanna: Fem. form of John, "YAHWEH is gracious"
Micaiah: Means "who is like YAHWEH?" in Hebrew
Phoebe: Latinized form of the Greek name Φοιβη (Phoibe), which meant "bright, pure"
Susanna: "lotus"
Talitha: Means "little girl" in Aramaic
Tirzah: From the Hebrew name תִּרְצָה (Tirtzah) meaning "favourable"
Zibiah: Means "roe, deer" in Hebrew
Zillah: Means "shade" in Hebrew

I love names and meanings... as you can probably tell!!
I'm like you-- I start with a HUGE long list, and DH scratches most of them off... and we choose from what is left!!
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