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Re: uk mums

this is what I did and it seemed to work. let's hope it keeps it up!

I did an empty wash with about 50-60ml white vinegar in the detergent drawer and put the washer on 90C. (i will be doing this maintainence wash every month)

Then for the diapers I stripped them with about 5 drops (about 2 teaspoons) of original Fairy dishsoap) on 60C and then did about 4 rinse cycles to make sure all the soap was gone.

My wash routine now is: cold cycle no detergent, hot cycle on 60C with about 60ml of Ariel powder and 60ml of Calgon (for hard water) and then an extra wash cycle on 40C. Then of course dry in the dryer on low.

This seemed to work. Hope it continues too, no rashes!! so i'm happy.
Hope this may help someone else too?
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