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Re: Roasting a Chicken - Pic Heavy

Originally Posted by Esthersmommy View Post
GREAT tutorial!!

If you are roasting a bigger bird, my mum always taught me... 20 minutes per pound then an extra 20 for good look. If you cook the bird the other side up, a good indicator than it is cooked are when the legs fall open away from the body.

If you don't like crispy skin or skin at all, and like super moist chicken...

Place some inch thick slices of potato in your baking pan, just enough to sit the chicken on, then fill with water to the top of the potatoes. Cover with foil, most likely you'll need 2 peices, lift the foil a little where the 2 pieces meet to allow steam to vent.

You can also make a super gravy from what is left at the bottom of pan!
Ohhhh... good tips, mama. I want to eat dinner at your house!!
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