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Re: parents of autistic children

my son is 21 months and too young for a diagnosis however they think high functioning autism as well. he has speech therapy once a week, and occupational therapy twice a month. we also have someone who comes to our home 3 hours a day 3 days a week to work with me and him. insurance covers the therapy, we are paying out of pocket for the help we get 3x a week though. If you need someone to talk to, im here. i really need someone to talk to who is in the same boat as me. I am also a member or its a great site, they have a board on autism.

my son started off normal until sometime before he turned one. He stopped saying mama and dada. he doesnt repeat words. he doesnt mimick faces. he spins, stacks things, bangs his head (HARD). He rocks and goes ahhhhh ahhh ahhh. He does not try to communicate (no babble, no gestures). Doesnt like to be held or touched. Hates teeth brushed, hands washed, feel of sand, grass, or other textures. but thse things can be normal too. He is almost 2 and he's like a one month old. He didnt wave until 16 months and now he doesnt wave as much anymore. he used to say "i i i i i" fr hi and bye while waving. now IF he waves (big if) its "ah ah ah ah"

If my son is contently playing and you so much as tiptoe past his room he oes into afull force temper tantrum. he has his bouts of nightwalking and night terrors, but if you try to console him he freaks out more.

some days he seems so normal though. the other day he gave me a hug. i cant remember the last time he hugged me.

he used to give hi five but not anymore. he used to clap but not anymore. he used to do a lot of things. he's been regressing. its all a lot to take in. there are some things you cant even really explain. peopel who see him in pictures think "he looks fine to me" but its something most peopel couldnt understand unless they lived with him . its a ery hard thing to deal with, especially so young everyone wants to tell you "its cz he's a boy" or "he'll catch up"

i love my son no matter what and i KNOW he will be okay, and thankfully they think he is hugh functioning and he wont have too hard a time when he gets older. people might just think he's "weird". but i know there is a very bright boy inside trying to shine through!

it can be hurtful sometimes when poeple try to say your child is fine when you and the dr's both know he's not. im sure they mean to put your mind to ease, but it makes me feel like they think its SO bad for him to be autistic that i should be in denial? its not THAT bad. Yes its hard, and im sure very difficult in more severe cases of autism, but autistic kids are still kids who are loved. they may have a harder time showing they love us back, but they do.. they still have a lot of love inside of them, possibly more.

ill stop here sorry for the ramble.
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