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Re: Belly shape?

DJ was transverse for most of the last half of the pregnancy so my belly was almost square! I was all baby, all out front, wide and I had a cement block under my shirt or something! This one does somersaults. Sometimes he lays sideways and I get that square look, other times it's more watermelon. The worst is when he stretches...I think he's going to be tall (like the rest of us!) I swear sometimes I'm afraid he's actually going to just burst right through my stomach! And then there's the belly button. Depending on where he is and what he's doing, sometimes it's all outie, sometimes flat, and sometimes still slightly innie...very weird! Last night DJ was hugging and kissing the baby in my belly and I had gotten bored with it and lost interest so I wasn't paying much attention. Well, all of a sudden I felt a pain worse than childbirth...the little bugger had bitten my belly button (which happened to be all outie at hte moment so he got a good mouthful!) It's a good thing I move like a beached whale these days because if I could have caught him there's no telling what I would have done to him!
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