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"Healthy spoesies" ... Earth's Best vs. 7th Generation ... help me choose ...

I will be flying out of the country for 4 weeks at the end of the months and will not be CDing while I'm gone. But DS2 is pretty sensitive to regular sposies so I want to take a gentler alternative with me so I don't have to be hunting down "eco friendly" brands overseas. I do use 7th Generation sposies with him for the nights and do like them but I don't find them very absorbant ... have to change him around his midnight feeding and again around 6am and the morning change usually wakes him up and he won't go back to sleep. ... but that's whole another issue. I have also tried a few Earth's Best chlorine free diapers with DS1 but they don't seem to last much either ... I've tried them on our trips out of the house 2-3hrs and by the time we get home, he's all wet.

Anyone has tried these for a longer time?
... which are more absorbent?
... which are gentler on sensitive skin?

I'll have to take quite a few so right now I'm leaning towards 7th generation as they are almost 1/3 lighter in weight! ... but could really use some insight.

... or is there another brand I should look into?
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