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Re: "Healthy spoesies" ... Earth's Best vs. 7th Generation ... help me choose ...

Originally Posted by AZmommy View Post
I far prefer the earths best I like the fit better I like thye didn't add dye to make them look brown and they plain work better for us.

earth's best do seem to fit better ... I noticed that the 7th Generation have a lot of "useless" area in the back that is part of the diaper but doesn't have any filling so it feels like the diapers are leaking THROUGH the actual paper (or whatever the material is) rather than around the legs or at the top. I like that they are softer but they don't seem too waterproof to me? ... I've noticed couple times that the poo is leaking through the gussets ... I so wish 7th generation would come out better from the comparison but my 6th sense is telling me that's not the case ...
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