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Re: What age did you start . . .

Thanks for all the input, links, etc. My ds is definitely intrigued by that stuff we are putting in our mouths. He hasn't screamed for it yet, but if we aren't careful, he has been known to reach for out plates. Fortunately for us, the presence or absence of cereal, solids or food in general hasn't affected any of our children's sleep. I am curious to see what my ped says at his 6 mo check in two weeks, not that I will necessarily follow her advice. I am perfectly happy to provide all of his nourishment at this point, so we will most likely be waitin' for a while longer. This is my first babe that I didn't have to go back to work with, so we are doing things a little different this time, including cloth. . . and I'm lovin' it.

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