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Re: success story: overcoming insufficient glandular tissue

Shikoba, out of curiosity - how old was your DD when you were able to stop supplementing?

DS is almost 2 weeks old now. BFing is going a bit better, but not as well as I had hoped. One issue is that I had an over-distended uterus that wouldn't contract after delivery. Pitocin didn't work, so they had to give me 2 doses of methergine to slow the bleeding. Unfortunately, methergine is a vasoconstrictor, and resulted in my colostrum completely drying up on day 2. It came back about 24 hours later, but it sure did throw a wrench in things.

Anyway, I'm taking lots of herbs: alfalfa, goat's rue, more milk plus, malunggay, saw palmetto, red clover, fennel and shatavari.

When and how did you take your herbs? Are they capsules?

I am already seeing a slow, but noticeable increase in my supply. We still have to supplement about 10-12oz/day, though (still experimenting on that one, all we know is that DS needs to wet more diapers!).

I'm just curious to know how old your DD was when you were able to do away with the supplements. I'm having a hard time being patient, but I constantly have to remind myself that most IGT moms who go on to have a full supply need to supplement for the first few weeks.
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