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Need directions for dishwasher stripping please!

I've been having some ammonia issues with my dipes as well as wicking with my pockets.

It started when I switched to Allen's Naturally last week. Well, I'm sure the ammonia stank nasty is a longterm build-up issue but the wicking started with the Allen's. Does anyone else with hard water have Allen's issues?

So I stripped my diapers (prefolds & inserts) today. Super duper hot scalding water, 1/2 T of original Dawn, capful of bleach, warm rinses, extra rinse cycle.

Then another full wash + extra cycle with hot/warm. No detergents.

And now a n o t h e r.

And there are still suds. Wha??

I quit. Seriously. My machine is about to spin itself right out of the laundry room. Why can't I get the suds out???
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