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Re: success story: overcoming insufficient glandular tissue

I just joined DS and want to chime in here. I also have hypoplasia and wanted to share where my DS and I are at.

It was one month after DS was born that the LC diagnosed me. He had almost recovered his birthweight by three weeks but started dropping again thereafter. I knew I had hypoplastic breasts but didn't realize it would affect my ability to BF since everyone can BF, right?? Everyone except those with IGT... Anyhow, I started supplementing with an SNS and formula right away, and DS was content for the first time in ages. My nipples have had a chance to recover from DS trying so aggressively to nurse, although I have vasospasms now that are, I figure, a result of nipple trauma. It's getting better, hopefully before winter really shows up!

Once I got home from the LC I spent some time researching what to do that could help, and started making tea with alfalfa, red clover, fenugreek and fennel, with goat's rue tincture added in. I had tried taking fenugreek capsules earlier as a public health nurse suggested, but that aggravated my colitis. So no more capsules for me But now, a month later (DS is almost 3mths, and 11lbs!!), I've had success.

I guess it's how to define success. For one, we are still BF, and I figure DS gets ~50% of his milk from me (yay). Two, thanks to the SNS and herb combo, my right breast is beginning to function properly!! It's grown several sizes over a few weeks (never thought I'd be so happy to have so many stretch marks) and is producing close to several minutes worth of good gulps of milk for most feeds, sometimes I only use the SNS for a 1/4 oz more at a feeding. And DS is satisfied and I'm happy. We co-sleep so DS can nurse as much as he wants at night, and the last few nights I've only used a small amount of formula by the time we wake up and DS is still smiling. Another yay. My left breast is still very much the same as it was when DS was born, but seems to be producing more effectively. But that leaves me quite lop-sided.

I feel very pleased with the results, all in all, and want to thank you ladies for these threads here cause they definitely helped me get where I am now. I'm looking forward to continuing to BF where a few weeks ago I was ready to quit.

I expect to need to continue to drink the tea every day and to continue to supplement with formula, but I know my supply is increasing and DS is getting all I have for him
and every bit counts.

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