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Re: Anyone in France?

Merci Aurore!

I did do a search, and although there are some diaper services in Finistere, the one in Brest seems to have gone out of business. Plus, we're living about 20 minutes to the west of Brest, and no-one seems to do any deliveries out here (besides those associated with La Poste). If you do find anything, that'd be great! You can PM me, it's probably more appropriate.

I did find Grandir Autrement, a friend here told me about it just two days ago! You're right, it is what I was looking for, and I have subscribed. That'll be good for my French, too! You're right, everything I found at the supermarche aren't worth the .

Mon francais est 'en developpement', mais merci beaucoup pour me repondre! C'est un plasir de faire votre connaisance.

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