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Tired of the questions...

I am getting soo tired of all the questions about my 34 weeker. When people see him it usually goes like this.

"Aww, he is so cute! and Tiny! He was early wasn't he? I feel so bad for your family. Is he ok? He isn't retarded from being early is he? Poor little thing just couldn't help it could he? You must be struggling as a family to have to go through this. I just couldn't deal with a preemie. Oh and my favorite...don't breastfeed him its not healthy for preemies." WTH?

Oh, and when people see me with him in the ssc, they tell me I am hurting him by carrying him so close and because he is so tiny he will suffocate. I finally got fed up yesterday and told the lady "I have been carrying him in here since he was less than a month old, if he didn't die then, he's not gonna die now. After that I just walked off.

Is it just me or do any of you lady's get a lot of those comments too?
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