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Re: success story: overcoming insufficient glandular tissue

Originally Posted by Shikoba View Post
I take all capsules, but I take a lot of them! I supplemented her between 2-4 weeks, then she was gaining okay until her 2 month visit. I'm supplementing her again (about 6-9 oz a day), her weight completely stalled at 8 lbs :/ But it's okay, I'm just glad I'm able to provide milk at this point. Idk what happened, unless the mini pill caused me to produce less, I started taking it when she was about 6 weeks. It's definitely an uphill battle.

My herb routine is:
morning take two goats rue (motherlove capsules)

30 minutes lates: 4 fenugreek, 2 saw palmetto, 3 alfalfa, 1 milk thistle

(repeat 2 more times through out the day)

I also take a prenatal, flax seed, EPO, fish oil, pre/probiotics and dandelion once a day

I think not pumping decreased my supply too, but the pump was not extracting milk, so it was stimulating more milk production but only getting about 1/4 of an ounce out. I got mastitis from it! I just never really recovered my supply after that. :/

How are things going, I missed this thread when you posted a few days ago
The mini-pill could DEFINITELY be what hurt your supply! Progesterone can supress prolactin, and while the small amount in the mini-pill often is no big deal for moms who do not have BFing issues, it can be a big deal with IGT.

6-9oz/day is still really good, though! We're actually cutting down on supplements because DS's diaper counts have been through the roof! We were supplementing 12oz/day, today I brought it down to about 10oz and tomorrow I'm going to see how he does with 8.

I'm actually considering taking domperidone again. I was hoping to avoid it, but if that can make up the extra boost that I need, it will be totally worth it!
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