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Question What type of baby-wearing sling/holder do you use?

We have a typical ring sling, and a boppy sling....i was super excited about the boppy sling, until I put her in it...she just curls right up I don't like her head being on her chest. I have not put her in the ring sling yet (she fell asleep) but am planning on putting her in it to go to church tomorrow....what do you like to use on your premie? she was 34 weeks at birth, and at last weight was 5#, 8oz.

Tomorrow is her first "outing" and I really wanted to her in a sling to keep other ppl away from her....we are Catholic, and in our services, we do a lot of standing, kneeling, etc. and the thought of her just in her car seat with ppl behind us in the pews to cough, touch, or sneeze on her scares me! I woiuld LOVE to hold her, but were told to keep holding down to a complete minimum until she begins to have more energy to eat betterdon't know if i buy that one or not, but thats what we were told. I also feel like she would be more protected in a sling. SO, any ideas?

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