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Re: WHY do mamas sell items for double or more than they paid?

Originally Posted by Mel
I'm thinking you've never had someone tell you they really, really need the item and talk you down in price only to turn around 2 weeks later and sell it for MORE than your original asking price (not even at what you first wanted) That's the kicker. Kind of like a slap in the face.
If someone said the "needed" an item and couldn't afford it at the price I asked or something, then yes I'd be upset b/c they would have lied. But these discussions come up at least monthly, about someone selling for mor then they bought and the circumstance you are referring to is not usually the case. If it was the circumstance you were referring to then it would be annoying, because someone would have lied in order to get something below market value only to sell it for above market value, kwim?
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