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Is it really that bad....

Is it really that bad to put wool in the dryer? I want to make some nighttime longies for James (a.k.a. Sir Pees-a-lot) and I thought I would "lightly felt" them to make them even more bullet proof. Well, needless to say, I'm a little skeptical about putting all the time and energy into making a pair of longies only to ruin them while trying to felt. So I've done a bunch of swatches to experiment with felting and try to make sure I know what to do (how big to make them, etc.) I'm using Paton's Merino and I'm having an awful time getting it to felt! Yesterday I had a couple of swatches that I'd done and I soaked them in water to get them good and wet, squeezed a bit of the water out, then threw them in the dryer with a load of dh's work clothes. I kept checking them at 5 minute intervals (what all the felting instructions say) but after like half an hour, nothing was happening so I finally just left them in there till the clothes were dry. By that time, one of the swatches was noticeably felted, the other one, not so much. I thought that maybe my swatches were too small or were getting wrapped up in the other clothes so they weren't getting enough friction so today I tried a couple of larger swatches and put them in with just one pair of jeans and the dryer balls. Still, after about 20 minutes, they're a little fuzzy but not really felted and not shrinking noticeably....they are however almost dry. The thing is, I know that if I ever tried just once to put a "good" garment in the dryer it would felt in the first 5 minutes and be ruined!
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