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Re: Tired of the questions...

Don't forget my personal favorite - "Are you sure he's xx months old? He's sooooo tiny!"

Why, thank you, kind stranger. I had no idea I was misinterpreting time so badly. Despite being MY CHILD, I most certainly have no idea how old he is.

In the case of my wee one, he has had a lot of delays and has received early intervention services since he reached a gestational age of +4 weeks. (Which was 11 weeks from birth.) People seem terribly disappointed when I tell them he is progressing beyond expectations.

Oh, and we got a lot of helpful advice about the likelihood of me smothering him in the Moby wrap. Yup, dear lady in the park, I truly appreciate your warnings and I will certainly keep it in mind that he cannot possible breathe while snuggled safely against me while I can FEEL HIS BREATH ON ME!

The kicker was when he was diagnosed with liver cancer at 9 months. People actually had the gall to ask if it was "because he was early." Argh!!! Nope, sorry to burst your bubble, but it's because of a random mutation and your full term darling has the same risk as my preemie.

All this to say, people say the most ridiculous things to parents of preemies. One of my other favorites was when a woman told me that it was no wonder he was early because I am too small to carry a baby to term. I'm five feet tall, certainly not an unusually skinny person, and, um, he's adopted. People are so fun!
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