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Re: AP Parents Friends with Non-AP parents

I can kind of see things both ways. I grew up with ONE AP parent and one VERY NON-ap parent. So, my tendancy in tough times is to revert back to the non-ap style and the same goes for my dh (except he had two non-ap parents). So, it is a daily struggle for us to ap parent. It is especially difficult with my 5 yo son. He is more than a handful and requires a saint's patience. I wouldn't resort to leaving him in the car by himself, but I may have before I knew better because that's what my mom would have done, kwim? Also, you have no idea what these parents went through that day with the boy. Maybe they were at their wits end with him, although I'm thinking about myself with a 5yo not a child under two? Anyway, maybe you could invite the parents to an AP group or a parenting seminar and lead them by example. I know before I really knew about ap parenting I was curious about it and would ask friends how it worked with their kiddos. Sounds to me like they might have just been desperate for a nice meal out and I have so been there before, because we almost never go out anymore.
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