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Re: preemie blankets

Because he will require so much care, he won't need receiving blankets in the traditional sense (to wrap up in). He will be in an incubator for months so you could make regular size blankets and mom can use them to personalize his 'home' by covering his mattress and padding as allowed by her NICU. We encourage parents to do this in my NICU because when babies are this early, there isn't much they can be involved in but supplying blankets for their baby helps them connect. Then, in 8 or 10 weeks when he is able to be swaddled and or moves to a normal baby crib, he can use them to wrap up in.

You could also make her a larger blanket (usually at least about 40 inches by 40 inches) to cover his incubator after he is over any jaundice (if allowed by her NICU). Blankets over an incubator help shield these sensitive babies from the excess lighting and noise in a typical NICU. Parents usually get really creative with these blankets by monogramming them or make them really bright and fun.

It is very sweet of you to make her some blankets! All preemie mommas, especially those of super preemies, need lots of love!
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