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Re: July 2009 BABIES!!

I'm still here... although I never posted much in the forum (I had just joined around that time).

Noah started weaning when he was 10.5 months. He was nursing about 4 times a day and once, maybe twice, at night and steadily decreased from there to the point that he was at two times a day by 11.5 months. He weaned on his first birthday. He was my first to make it to a year BFing, so I'm extremely happy for that, but I'm still a little sad to see that bonding time go.

He's also my trouble maker! He gets into EVERY.STINKING.THING! Toddler proofing is new to me. With Zach, I didn't have to do any of that. I could tell him not to touch/go near something and he listened. Noah does it to see what will happen, either when he gets into it, or my reaction to him doing it. I don't freak out, but it's all new to me, and absolutely hilarious to see their personality differences.

He LOVES being outside, and will screech/scream in approval, no matter what he's doing. He just likes being outside.

Noah never crawled on all 4's. He did the army crawl on his belly, and then started walking at about 13 months. He's still very wobbly with walking.

He has an appointment with an ENT dr. on Tuesday. He's had 6 ear infections since April (5 different antibiotics), all because of his teeth. This last round of antibiotics (2 different ones in the last month), has lessened his pain and his demeanor at night is better, but it's still hard. He's not sleeping through the night because of the pain, and it's so hard to comfort him at night. His vocabulary has taken off after this last round of antibiotics though.

Anyone else still around?
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