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Re: NOt a premie but a 7 day NICU baby

Child loss mentioned

I have had a micro preemie (born at 24 weeks 0 days, okay 3 of them but one lived 5 months 5 days) and I have had a termer (38 weeks 0 days) who also spent time in the NICU (6 days).

What you are experiencing I believe is normal. As mommies we often have guilt over lots of things. And when your in the NICU be it 6 days or 5 months it is a different world. I knew my son was going to come home but still I had one huge break down while I was in there.

However you are also saying some things that make me think that you may have a touch of post-pardom depression. Crying all the time isn't normal. Feeling the guilt can be.

Hopefully you learned from your experience and will be able to move from it one day. I know for me, I will always deliver in a hospital with a level 3 NICU. I was lucky in that my deliveries have been at one and I know that helped shave days off my son's NICU stay.

Also don't feel bad that things didn't "hit you" till you were out of the clear. I lost three children and I can tell you that I am much like you with things hitting me. My DH was a wreck immediately when we lost the children. I wasn't so much so, later I got knocked upside my head and was barely functional for a while. However by then DH was able to deal with things so we worked well together.

Good luck!
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