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Re: NOt a premie but a 7 day NICU baby

I have not experienced any children in the NICU, but I have experienced stressful events. It's not uncommon during stressful times for a person to manage their feelings/emotions/life/etc. and seem to handle everything well through a crisis and then a few months later, when everything seems in the clear suddenly be hit by the enormity of the situation and struggle. What you describe sounds like a normal human reaction to a stressful life event...which would probably be putting what your family worked through mildly.

Whether it's PPD, PTSD or something else entirely, I don't know. I HIGHLY recommend speaking with someone IRL about it. You mention you're religious, do you have a pastor/priest/religious leader who you are comfortable and trust? What about starting to talk with them? Or perhaps a counselor or your OBGYN could also help guide you in the right direction...maybe they even have some suggestions of support groups that could help you.

I guess the point of my post is that what you're describing sounds completely normal and you do not have to deal with this all alone
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