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Re: "but HOW did daddy put the baby in your tummy?"

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
Is he 4?

we told our children that daddys/grown ups penis's have seeds in them and mommies have eggs in their tummys and that daddy puts the seeds into where mommies eggs are and it makes a baby. We told them that when mommies and daddys are married they get to make babies. That it is something that 2 people who love each other do.

lol, yeah he is 4. is this a normal 4 year old thing??

this sounds like a good way to explain it. now if he asks how the seeds get in there, what do i say? he asks A LOT of questions...

see my friend says that she thinks is a kid knows stuff about sex/ sexual body parts, people may think hes being sexually abused... i didnt think so until she said this, now im kinda nervous to tell him a lot.
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