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Re: "but HOW did daddy put the baby in your tummy?"

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
Is he 4?

we told our children that daddys/grown ups penis's have seeds in them and mommies have eggs in their tummys and that daddy puts the seeds into where mommies eggs are and it makes a baby. We told them that when mommies and daddys are married they get to make babies. That it is something that 2 people who love each other do.

This is pretty much how we handle it, too. We are very open family but give age appropriate answers.

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
No, thats just stupid....He is not being abused and that is normal behavior.

If he asks how they get there tell him that grown men, like his father, make the seeds in their testicles and someday when he is grown and ready to have a wife and make babies he will make seeds too. Tell him that he is too young to make seeds and have a wife and someday he will be ready to.

All my kids have asked around that age because I have been pregnant a lot. So we answer the best we can. I use the word seed and egg because its easy for a child to visualize over the word son asked what the seeds look like and we told him that they look like baby tadpoles and we showed him a picture of tadpoles.. That was all it took.

Originally Posted by nakedbabytoes View Post
My then 6yo asked why I "ate him". That's how he thinks he got there.
Very cute, but very innocent.
LOL.. cute! My 6 year old asks women how their labor was after they have babies. I suppose he knows a little more because his mama is an L&D nurse.
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