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Re: No nursing to sleep?

Seven has a good post on this.

However there is the SMALL amount of kids who do have this happen. It does have a lot to do with genetics, but is still a factor. My family has horrid dental issues with decay etc. Now DD#1 was bf for 15 months and nursed to sleep she has wonderful teeth. But DD#2 was not so lucky. She has had to have dental surgery just last yr and she is only 3 now!!

What it comes down to is your mommy insticts. And if your family has a history of bad teeth then I personally would listen to the pedi. My DD#3 is not nursed to sleep, only bc I fear she will have the issues her sister had.

It's a personal desision, no one can make it for you. GL and I hope that what you chose to do is the right thing for your child..
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