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Things that make you go "What the heck?"

I can hardly believe this...

So the elementary school in the town over from ours (the one my 10 y/o sister attends) has had a lot of issues this year (like with safety of students, etc). Makes me glad I am going to be homeschooling, since it's considered a very good school.

Anyway my sister's bus was dropping kids off the other day. A mother was waiting to get her son off the bus, and her toddler (2 y/o) was swimming in one of those kiddie pools nearby. The young child was swimming naked- and because of this "indecent exposure", as the school is calling it, they are now refusing to pick up the son or drop him off, and the mother has to take him to /from school herself.

Am I alone in thinking that this is nuts???? The kid was 2 years old for goodness sake!! At this same school 8th graders are practically wearing bikini tops to school. Who can tell me the meaning of the word "hyprocricy"?
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