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Re: "Appropriate" affection

I have one over affectionate child and one sort of shy child. Kearnan does not get the concept of personal space or strangers. Everyone he meets is his best buddy. They want to be hugged and learn his entire life story and all of his interests or what he is doing that day. People do not believe me when I tell them he is ASD because he is "just too social". Yep, part of the problem is that he isn't "appropriately social." I can't get him to quit and he doesn't understand that not everyone wants him in their space or wants a hug from him. Moms on the playground are usually thrilled that he is so kind and gentle with their younger toddlers, but other kids his age don't like his constant over bearing attitude. I try to pull him aside and remind him about personal space and giving people breathing room. He needs a lot of coaching about giving other people a chance to be the leader, to make their own choices, and to not always be touching other people. I don't mind if he wants to hug his friends, if his friends don't mind, but he needs to know the people he is hugging. Tharen on the other hand will chat a blue streak to anyone over the age of about 12 but hides behind his brother or dh or I if another child gets near him. I try to encourage him to play with other little kids. I don't want him to seem rude when the other little ones just want to play, but I want him to be comfortable and true to himself as well.
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