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Re: My Star in Heaven~ Stella Grace Kaye w/ Pics

Sweet Mama,
I cry for you, I ache for you, I will light a candle for you. I know that none of those things will take away your pain, but I also know that you will gain some amount of strength from them. My Eliza was born sleeping at 39.5 weeks from a concealed placental abruption. You will find that many people will express a desire to "say or do something" and I remember how hard it was to hear the "I'm sorries" even though you know they genuinely feel them. Know that you are not alone. My husband and I called it the "secret club" and though we wished NO ONE else gain membership, it was comforting on many levels to know that there were others out there. People who'd experienced this loss, grown from it, lived through it and their lights helped guide us on the path.

I felt most betrayed in the shower or bath, alone in water... my poor body aching with pain and fullness in my breasts. If you can, take sudafed (the behind the counter one) around the clock for the engorgement... use ice packs and a tight tight sports bra... it will help the milk go. Another bittersweet loss you've yet to face.

Know that I and so many mommas and poppas and sisters and brothers are here with you, sending love and support to you... hoping to ease the sharpness of your pain. You WILL get through this... at times, one breath at a time. I am here for you, whether it is just the knowledge of it that helps you, or if you need anyone to talk to.

On Butterfly's Wings,
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