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Re: anyone else scared about having the baby?

OP - I can totally relate. My first two are very close together in age and then we have a 6 year gap. Although DS3 was planned we only TTC once before our PBF so I wasn't really expecting it to happen. (Why I don't know because all of our children were VERY easy to concieve.) I spent most of my pregnancy being worried that I would ruin our perfect life - DH and I finally both got really good jobs, our middle son wasn't sick as much anymore and I could finally stop being worried all the time about him, things were going too great! BUT I plugged along through my pregnancy - I did tell everyone so there was a lot of excitment surround us. I can tell you now that I would NEVER go back to that life!!! I have a gorgeous, funny, smart, amazing little 14 month old son who we all adore, even his older brothers are his biggest fans AND he loves them so much his first word was "Brother". Are there days when things are crazy - yep. Do I miss sleep - sure. BUT his little smiling dancing booty is so worth it! My older kids were both really sick as babies and this one isn't (he does have a couple minor things but is totally on track) he gave me the babyhood expereince I never knew I missed out on the first two times around. It will get better!!! You made need a professional to talk to if things don't blend well for you once baby is here but I promise it will get better!
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