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Re: Making Woolies from Old Sweaters- Show me pics!

Well, I'm not going to inundate you with pics, but I just wanted to show you how a could different patterns/methods look:

Katrina's longies pattern. It's a straight leg cut (boot cut), with good amount of booty room, although you might want to add a bit if your wool doesn't have much stretch and you're using bulky diapers (e.g. night). I find that this pattern is a bit tight if you use poly fleece, so if something has less stretch than fleece, I'd size up.

Katrina's longies pattern, modified to add booty panel. I cut the pattern so that it would have a little more booty room than the regular Katrina pattern. Because it doesn't have a seam down the middle of the bum, this works really well for appliques on the bum.

Flat-cut longies with side seams. This pattern gives a little less booty room, and also has equal rise in the front and back.

Using the sweater sleeves. If the sweater has a taper, then you're going to get tapered-leg longies. The sleeves also work really well for making footies too, since you need to taper the leg down by the ankle anyway. Exactly how much booty room you get depends on how you cut the material, but generally, you'll get less booty room than the Katrina pattern.
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