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Re: "Appropriate" affection

Originally Posted by Mel_C View Post
With my child, who sometimes invades personal space, I simply remind her to respect the personal space of others and if she is in their face talking and they're not interested I let her know that the other child may be a little shy or not interested in talking right now. I'd ask her to give them some time to decide if they'd like to interact with her and suggest she maybe sit next to the child and speak softly so they're not overwhelmed by her. Usually the other kiddo either starts talking softly, looking at her or walks away... either way she doesn't take it badly and moves on to the next child until she finds someone who will respond.
This is exactly what I do with my incredibly high energy and aggressive four year old. We also have lots of discussions at home about personal space and volume levels. She now knows it's not really appropiate to be in someones face shouting "hi! wanna play with me?" ten times over.

I would never ever make a child or parent feel bad if their child about being shy. Some kids are and that's ok. I'd be horrified if someone made a comment about my childs perceived issues with social skills! They're kids and they're all learning still.
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