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Re: Getting past the biting?

I ended my nursing with my boys because of biting. But Katrina and I are still nursing! I yell "No!" or "No biting!" in my Momma's mad voice, she lets go and bawls for a minute or two, and then I let her go back on. She started biting real bad when her first teeth came in 3 months ago, it worked, and then started up again when her top teeth came in, but yelling at her worked to stop it again, and she will still bite me every once in a great while, but it's not a habit at all. Putting her down after telling her no and walking away (usually just out of sight) and counting to 20 and then coming back got the message through to her. I tried to get past it with my middle child Trent, but I it just broke my heart when he cried, I couldn't stick to it.
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