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Re: Synagis....

Originally Posted by newtwinmom View Post
We require parental consent as with any vac so no way a baby would receive it without the parents being okay with it.

As for where to get the shots, check with the local hossys, especially any children's hossys. My hossy does monthly 'clinics' where the shot is available.

My twins were early thanks to unstoppable PTL. I contracted regularly (2-4/hr) since 18 weeks. My cervix held out until an abrupt shortening at the end of my 26th week. I was admitted,spent some time on mag, and then transfered to antepartum on long term meds for the PTL. They obviously didn't work as I progressed preciptously the morning I delivered and ended up 8cm before anybody noticed. They were born 30 minutes later by CS. One is doing well and the other not so well, but we are hopeful at least one will be home by Christmas!

My NICU does NOT require parental consent with synagis. It's considered "basic care" which we consented to from day one.
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