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Re: pinto bean thread spin off

Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox View Post
That is true and why everyone I know makes beans including me
I didn't know about the southern thing neither, it is nice to learn new things which is why I love reading this board.
I don't know where that's at,inland empire, going to check..hehe I'm in central cali
Inland empire is in from san diego and riverside, its a huge area

I had to LOL at no one in CA cooks dried beans, they come from a can. Growing up beans were something my mom made once or twice a year but a 13 bean soup. Pintos or refried came from a can or the mexican restaurant!

With that said, I had no idea people could fry things at home until I was an adult, 22! People just dont do that around here! It was a southern transplant family that brought it to my attention. They were almost beside themselves I had never fried anything, it was a good laugh for them.

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