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Re: Zephaniah's unexpected hospital birth..

Originally Posted by mommyshanti View Post
congrats on baby
sorry but just wondering mw didnt come cuz she was sick? no back-up mw?
yeah there are only two in the practice.. I knew it could end up like that.. I guess usually only one is on call b/c they are on call so much. Actually my old mw is usually on call for them but she was on vacation. ( i loved my old mw only left the practice b/c I wanted a hb)

I do think that if we would've been at home I prob would've ended up at the hosp anyway b/c he just wasn't coming out.. of course I may have been more relaxed and able to get him out at home?? Guess I'll never know

Originally Posted by howmanykids View Post
Congrats! Its hard givingup the birth you had planned! I'm still a littleupset at how mine turned out 6 weeks later ! glad you are all ok, and the same thing happened with my cousin and the epidural...she needed it to allow her body did the right thing!

Thanks so much for the encouaragment. I agree it is really hard when what you wanted didn't happen. I am still morning and I hope you are able to do the same. My one friend told me it's okay to be happy and sad and I'm so glad she said that.
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